Meet Tom Stemm

Tom Stemm, CEO and FounderTom Stemm is a technology enthusiast with over 20 years of broad and diverse experience building companies from the ground up. His core success is centered on the primary role of CEO, backed by extensive work in areas of Finance, Operations, Business Development, Consulting, and the broader Web / Application / Software Development / Security / and technology space.

Tom has worked with companies in a wide variety of industries and has a deep understanding of how various operating models achieve success within key verticals. His penchant is geared toward providing consultation and partnership to other companies, pursuing complex problems to enable unique solutions and simplify the overall path to success for small businesses. He gets excited by the challenge of creating something out of nothing and is driven to better the world one interaction at a time.

As the CEO and founder of Ryvit, he brings his more than 20 years of experience in software development to help foster innovation for the Construction Industry. In his role, he leads strategy, partnerships, business development, overall operations, and financial planning for the company. He has been innovating and producing a wide expanse of enterprise IT solutions throughout his career. This includes driving development for numerous corporate client initiatives, as well as providing leadership for the Ryvit platform architecture. Tom’s broad experience coupled with his deep understanding of the development challenges and complexities customers face when optimizing to remain competitive combine as excellent qualifications for helping foster disruption in a positive and constructive path forward.

In early 2011, Tom and others on the team identified an opportunity in the market to deliver software development services in a new way to provide scale and interoperability among industry focused applications. As a recognized authority on innovative integration and development, he set the course for the Ryvit strategy. Paving the way for companies to acquire integration capabilities with economy of scale by launching a platform that ensures ease of entry and maximum participation for partners, Ryvit was born. Tom takes a serious and integral approach to integration, unlike most solutions on the market – Ryvit is not just another SDK, API or import/export tool – Ryvit builds, implements, delivers, and manages a comprehensive integration platform required for meaningful efficiency gains and insightful analytics spanning best-in-class application use.

Tom holds two degrees Business and Computer Science and is even just enough of a geek at heart to have a minor in mathematics, all from St. Louis University. A proud father of two amazing sons, Tom has the will to win and the desire to succeed and reach his full potential. He considers himself an athlete, entrepreneur, proud Uncle, Son, and friend to many amazing people he is blessed to be surrounded by. Last but not least, he will always proudly announce his love for the Cubs.